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A Big Thank-You to This Amazin' Daily Kos Community.

Thanks so much to everyone who made our dear departed ursulafaw’s fundraiser on my behalf such a stunning success; my two surgeries are behind me now and the money you contributed has more than made up for the three weeks lost wages I suffered and the loss of my second income — selling plasma — for at least the next eight months.

And for those who could only offer well wishes, thank you too…they worked!

When my wonderful VA doctor, who has since retired, discovered that I had an 80% blockage of my left carotid artery , and, not to be outdone, a complete blockage of the right last fall, I worried that even if the VA paid for the procedures — which they did —  the recovery time time from the surgeries would send me to the poorhouse.

Luckily, the procedures have become relatively routine and the time I spent on my back and on a restricted work load measured in weeks and not months as I feared. Lean times may come back around, but with your help, and the wonderful assistance of the bojoed bear, for this round, the wolf has been beaten back from my door.

So with a fresh supply of blood to my malnourished brain, I will continue to do what gives me the most satisfaction, exploring the far reaches of Newsworld to find nuggets of newsworthiness to deposit here at your doorstep.

You all honor me  with your readership and grace me with your many well wishes.

I only hope that my scribbling continues to entertain and inform, as this is likely the only way I’ll ever be able to repay your exceptional generosity.

Thank you all.


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