I’m playing pundit here, with all the risks that implies, but I think Joe Biden will win enough delegates to have a majority going into the convention, and that he will be the nominee. For one thing, the governor of Michigan. Gretchen Whitmer, has just endorsed him ahead of next week’s primary. Her endorsement, while not as game-changing as Jim Clyburn’s, will help Biden win in Michigan over Bernie. Michigan is one state where Bernie has to do well; it’s heavily working-class, which is his base. If Biden can beat Bernie on his home turf again (he already did it in Massachusetts, where Bernie was supposed to come out on top), then it’s pretty much over. And that’s when the fence-mending needs to begin.

Elizabeth Warren, who was my choice, is now out of the race. As I write this, she has not thrown her support to either man, so once again I’m playing Risk, pundit version. But I suggest that a Biden-Warren ticket is a great winning combination.

First off, let’s remember that when Biden was Obama’s VP, he was given more real responsibility than perhaps any other VP in history, except perhaps Al Gore. He knows how to make good use of a good VP, and whoever he picks will be seen in that light. He can’t pick Bernie. Bernie will not play second fiddle to anyone, and the image of two old white men, one of whom is in — I have to say — questionable health, is not going to sell.

If he picks Buttigieg, Harris, or Klobuchar, he gets a minority or a woman on the ticket, but they are all moderates like him, and that will alienate Bernie supporters.

Warren checks off both boxes. She is a woman, and she is a progressive, close to Bernie but much more pragmatic. Choosing her would announce that Biden is open to new ideas and wants to expand participation in government. Wall Street won’t be thrilled, but they should understand that while VP Warren would have input into the administration’s policies, it will be Biden who will make the final call. It has to be made clear that no one group can have it all, not even the Masters of the Universe. It’s actually a new form of moderation that will work.

Yes, Warren is over 70. Women live longer than men, and if we were willing to put her in the Oval Office, we shouldn’t have any hesitation to put her next door to it.

Also, the VP candidate’s job is to be the attacker while the presidential candidate stays above the fray. Trump upset that, as he upset so many other things, but a return to this arrangement will also remind people just how upsetting IMPOTUS has been. Plus, Warren has already shown by the way she took down Bloomberg just how good she is at that job. I would love to see her take on Pence (assuming Trump allows debates at all).

(I watched some of Rachel’s interview with Bernie last night, and I took particular note of him saying that if Biden wins the nomination, he, Sanders, will back him all the way, and that Biden will do the same if Sanders wins.)

Last week, I posted a diary about a Sanders-Warren ticket (in a bit of wishful dyslexia, I originally titled it the Warren-Sanders ticket). I feel much more comfortable about this configuration. I do have to acknowledge that it will, temporarily, cost us a Senate seat, but our prospects for taking back the Senate are looking better than before with Bullock looking like he will enter the Montana race. Plus a Biden-Warren ticket will pull in down-ballot votes as well. In my earlier diary, some suggested Stacey Abrams, but I don’t think she has the national exposure yet, and I don’t know where she stands on the moderate-progressive scale. Warren has been tested and honed on the national stage and she was the last woman standing. (Has anyone even bothered to tell Gabbard to get out already?)

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