that means tomorrow I turn 74.

I have now been home for 9 weeks.  My seniors have all finished their work as of last week (with a few struggling a bit beyond that) and I manage to get all except 1 through my course (he can retake it in summer school).

Not having seen them, for many I did not know what they had decided about next year so I asked, and I am now getting emails informing me of college choices, and in some cases prospective majors.

Our graduation will be online, for one hour, on June 5.  Some of our more distinguished alumni will make remarks. After that faculty members will fan out and go to student houses to deliver boxes which will have diplomas, awards, even personal letters written by teachers (I will be writing 38 since I teach 138 seniors).  I still have a few weeks with my two underclassmen.

I have had occasion to reread some things I wrote, some as much as a decade ago.  I have over the past few days spent some time reflecting, as I often try to do as another year of life comes to an end.

What is offered below are a few thoughts/observations coming from that reflection.

My feelings will not be hurt if you go no further.  If you do, I am honored by your willingness to do so.