50.7 Million Now Vaccinated; Only 33% of Republicans Say They Want A Dose

According to a Civiqs Poll released today, most Democrats and Independents are eager to be vaccinated against the virus that has killed over half a million Americans, but only a third of Republicans say they want that protection.

Among white Democrats, only 7% say they will not get vaccinated. About 31% of African Americans say they do not plan to be vaccinated and 30% of Hispanic Americans.


Why it matters: Vaccine hesitancy is higher among white Republicans than any other demographic group, and it hasn’t been improving much as the vaccination effort continues, according to Civiqs polling.

By the numbers: 41% of Republicans say they don’t plan to get a vaccine if it’s available to them. Only 33% say they do plan to get vaccinated.

Disparities between those wanting shots may contribute to resentment between Democratic and Republican areas.


In Tennessee, Missouri and Alabama, a dearth of shots in urban areas with the greatest number of health care workers has led senior citizens to snap up appointments hours from their homes. The result is a hodgepodge of approaches that can look like the exact opposite of equity, where those most likely to be vaccinated are people with the savvy and means to search out a shot and travel to wherever it is.

Covid vaccinations have reached 76.9 Million as of yesterday and are sure to accelerate as Johnson and Johnson’s newly approved shots are on their way to destinations across the US as of today,  J&J has nearly 4 million doses to add to the Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines. Some 50.7 million have received at least one dose which is 15.3 of the US population and 19.9% of those old enough to receive the vaccines.

Alaska continues to lead with 30.3% of those eligible receiving at least one shot.

Time Doses Delivered Total Shots 1st Shot           % of Pop 2nd Shot            % of Pop
2/28 96,402,490 76,899,987
50,732,997         15.3%
25,466,405                7.7%
2/27 96,402,490 75,236,003
49,772,180           15%
24,779,920                7.5%
2/26 96,402,290 72,806,180 48,435,536          14.6% 23,698,627                7.1%
2/25 94,300,910 70,454,064 47,184,199          14.2% 22,613,359                6.8%
2/24 91,673,010 68,274,117 46,074,392          13.9% 21,555,117               6.5%
2/23 88,669,035 66,464,947 45,237,143         13.6% 20,607,261               6.2%
2/22 82,114,370 65,032,083 44,544,969         13.4%
19,882,544               6%
2/21 75,205,940 64,177,474 44,138,118 19,438,495
2/20 75,204,965 63,090,634 43,628,092 18,865,319

(The CDC allows a three day window to report vaccine information.)

  • March 1, 2021