4th of July 2019..The spirit of PT Barnum

How fitting that the conman in chief said this…


PT Barnum started The Greatest Show on Earth.  Donald J. Trump has channeled him bigly.  I just saw clips from the hashtags here, as I did not waste my time on Planes, tanks, bands and hypocrisy of the so called freedoms PT Don is taking away every day with those children caged like animals.  About those airports during the revolutionary war….


I found this tweet hilarious…

If those attendees, were really patriotic, they would be uncaging those kids.  They aren’t and he isn’t any Yankee Doodle Dandy.  

The Whitest Crowd I have ever seen barring  pictures of KKK rallies.

I say to PT want a be, “ Bless Your Heart”.   That crowd did not come to see you.

They came to see the planes, tanks and hear the bands.  

When President Obama gave his farewell speech, he didn’t need props and had a bigger crowd.  Saying that, I will say this.   Obama just needed to show up, because he was not a PT Barnum.

  • July 5, 2019