who is a graduate of West Point, a long-time journalist, a direct descendant of Thomas Jefferson who was key in getting the Jefferson descendants to recognize as kin those descended from Sally Hemings.

They are the last four paragraphs of a piece in Salon titled r the arrest of the police who killed George Floyd. (Elizabeth Flores/Star Tribune via Getty Images) We are witnessing the birth of a movement — and the downfall of a president and subtitled “We've reached a turning point in the Trump era. The 2020 campaign is in the streets and he's losing”

There is much worthwhile in this column, written by a man born (in 1947) to a distinguished military family, as you can see by reading this piece about his grandfather, a notable general in WWII. Let it suffice to say that Lucian K Truscott IV understands military culture.

He writes extensively of the letter with the handwritten additions sent out by General Milley to commanders, saying of it that

Milley's letter is unlike anything I have seen, and I've been around the military since I was born in an Army field hospital in occupied Japan in 1947.


He reminded everyone in uniform of their oath to support and defend the Constitution. I've never seen that done before.

and beginning the next paragraph like his:

For a military man, this comes close to a call for insurrection. Milley's message is written in a code that everyone in uniform will understand implicitly.

So now to the final four paragraphs, offered for your perusal (although you really should read the entire piece) and to stimulate your thinking as to where we now are. Please continue below the fold to read.

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