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325 Thousand Absentee Ballots Requested in Jefferson County, KY For Upcoming Primary.

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Spectrum News reported that at the end of closing tonight there were 325,596 application requests for absentee ballots in Jefferson County, Kentucky for the June 23rd Primary.  Today was the last day to apply for an absentee ballot.  The largest city in the state of Kentucky, Louisville, is in Jefferson County.  The total number of registered voters in Jefferson County is 616,518.  IF — and I have stressed this before -all those people received a ballot and filled them out, this would be a voter turnout of 52.8 %.  The previous primary in 2016 only had a 24.3% voter turnout in Jefferson County.

Also, we have for the first time early voting in Jefferson County.  Sadly, it will be held at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center ONLY.  But it started today.  The rest of the state also has early voting, but I do not know where or how that will be done because we have 120 counties in Kentucky.  I can’t keep track of all of them.

Besides, Louisville is also the most Democratic part of the state.

Why is any of this important?  Moscow Mitch is up for reelection this year, and we have several candidates running for the honor of trying to dethrone the traitorous shit.  And while the odds on favorite to win the nod to take on Moscow Mitch is Amy McGrath, I have never seen this type of political drive going on in my city with the protestors.  And the protests are all about systemic racism and the killings of Breonna Taylor and David McAtee.  And I am thinking that this renewed political activism MAY benefit Charles Booker and his campaign.

Yes, I have been wrong before, but I don’t think we can overlook recent events and those number of requested absentee ballots.  

I’m not here to argue who would be the better candidate to take on Moscow Mitch.  Any Democrat will be tarred and feathered by Moscow Mitch as extreme and a leftist.  If you don’t think that, you have not seen the attack ads about Amy McGrath being too extreme for Kentucky.  Moscow Mitch has already started that line of attack.  

As to the other parts of the state that are more conservative than Louisville, I don’t think that the number of absentee ballot requests is that much higher than the regular turnout in a primary, which is usually 20-25%.  But I will update that information when the state reports it.  For now, it is up to the local media to report on the number of absentee ballots requested.

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