3 Million Have Voted Early as Trump Tweets Georgia Senate Elections Are “Illegal and Invalid”

Good early voting for January 5th runoff elections in the Peach State is giving Democrats hope that they will win the two Senate seats and gain control of the upper chamber of Congress.

Meanwhile, Trump is telling his supporters that the runoff elections in Georgia are “illegal and invalid” even as he heads to Dalton, Georgia on Monday. Presumably he is coming to encourage votes for the two Republican Senators, but likely he will mostly indulge in self pity along with outrageous demands that the Presidential election by overturned.


Some strategists and political science experts in the state have said Mr. Trump’s assault on Georgia’s voting system may be at least partly responsible for the relatively light Republican turnout in the conservative strongholds of northwest Georgia, where Dalton is, in the early voting period that ended Thursday.


Axios co-founder Mike Allen told CNBC Thursday that many Republicans believe Trump has been deliberately sabotaging the Georgia race. (Check out the video up top.)

“There’s a big strain of thought among Republicans that President Trump is sabotaging this race,” Allen explained. “He’s done so much to be unhelpful to those candidates. [Republicans] say he must be thinking: ‘I want to send a message. If I’m not on the ballot, Republicans are in trouble.’”

In any event, 38.8% of registered voters have voted early in-person or cast absentee ballots, so far.



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Turnout in the Atlanta Metro area is above the state average with Fulton County at 41.8% of registered voters, Dekalb County is at 45.5%, Cobb at 40%, and Gwinnett at 41.3%. All of these large Metro Counties are essential for Democrats Jon Ossoff  and Raphael Warnock to defeat incumbent Republican David Perdue and appointed Senator Kelly Loeffler.

African American vote is running at 30.8% of the total while the white voting percentage is 55.8%. Hispanic voting makes up 2.2% and Asian American is at 2.4. Some 8.5% are listed as mixed race, other, or unknown. Of those who voted in the Senate runoff races, 3.9% or 115,601 did not vote in November election.

The Atlanta weather forecast for Tuesday is sunny with a cool morning of 33 degrees and a high of 57 degrees.


  • January 2, 2021