28 days to go. Eyes on the prize people!

You know, I’ve got to hand it to El Pendejo Presidente. When it comes to politics, he literally could fall into a shithouse, and come up with a sealed box lunch. Brett Kavanaugh was always meant to serve as a distraction. Trump could have picked any of a number of conservative judges that would have voted to restrict Roe v Wade, but with historically low approval numbers, and a depressed base, another dull, boring, Neil Gorsuch style confirmation wouldn’t do the trick. So, Trump picked a guy, the only guy on the list, who who would give him a get-out-of-jail-free card with Mueller, knowing it would inflame the Democrats, and rally the base to support Brett Kavanaugh.

But there goes that damn law of unintended consequences again. It turned out that Brett Kavanaugh was seriously damaged goods, instead of using Democratic anger to inflame his base in a traditional, non controversial political way, he picked the only candidate that would inflame women and Democrats even more, by being a credibly accused sexual assaulter. This had the desired effect for Trump, since it made his callous, uncaring, sexist base willing to die in harness for Kavanaugh, but it had the unintended consequence of making women, the one constituency Trump must placate in order to survive, even more furious with him. And as a result, it inflamed his base even more, narrowing the enthusiasm gap 35 days out from the election.

But that battle is over. And unfortunately for Trump, it’s over 30 days too early. Make no mistake about it, Trump is going to try to use the protracted and bitter Kavanaugh fight in every rally speech from now until November 6th to keep his base energized. There’s just one problem. It won’t work. It won’t work because they won, and disappointment is a much better motivator than satisfaction. Let’s look at it from a sports perspective. If your team loses, you can scream to your hearts content about how the stupid, blind -as-a-bat referee screwed you guys out of a victory. But bitching to the heavens that you only won 27-20 instead of 27-13 because of the stupid refs only sounds childish and petulant. You fucking won, remember dude?!? And with 28 days left to go, there is plenty of time for Der Gropinfuror to say and do insanely stupid shit that will make his less maniacal supporters tuck their heads back inside of their shells for cover.

Trump and the Republicans have another glaring problem, in that they are by far and away the all-time shittiest winners in history. They can’t just walk up and shake your hand over the net, saying something like “Great game, you almost had me there.” No, they have to run up and have to painfully high five you, while gleefully explaining how they trounced you by forcing you to use your truly pathetic backhand. You don’t hate them because they won, well, maybe a little, you hate them because they’re assholes.

In the words of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, “You gotta leave with the one who brung ya.” We did not build incredible enthusiasm and a gaping generic ballot lead, along with a biblical gender gap split on Brett Kavanaugh. We built it on providing a real, functional check on the excesses of the Orange Julius. We built it on healthcare, jobs, infrastructure, and the nightmare of Trump’s giveaway “middle class tax cuts, cuts so odious that the GOP themselves can’t even run on it. And most importantly, we built that by talking directly to voters, and listening when they spoke back to us.

Don’t lose sight of the prize, and don’t lose sight of the formula that got you within reach of the prize. Brett Kavanaugh is a world class useful idiot, but he isn’t the idiot in charge. Brett kavanaugh as an A #1 motivator, but he can’t be the sole motivation, if for no better reason than because he motivates the other side too. GOP incumbents and challengers can easily find ways to defend Kavanaugh to their base, and to stoke outrage at the Democrats “shoddy” treatment of him and his family, but they can’t justify taking away healthcare from millions of Americans, and making it more expensive for those that can still afford it. They can’t justify crumbling schools and bridges, that they are officially subsidizing by their lack of effort, and they can’t justify Mitt Romney being able to install a second car elevator in his garage, while you’re reduced to living in your parents garage. And they sure as shit can’t justify giving their failed reality star idjit the unfettered authority to turn this country into another third world banana republic with a rigged banking system for laundering American Oligarch funds.

So remember, dance with the one who brung ya. Brett Kavanaugh is another means to an end, but he cannot be the end himself. We Democrats are well known for being able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. There’s still plenty of time to fuck this up. There’s just no plausible excuse for doing it. Spend the last 28 days hammering home the same issues and points we’ve been hammering home for the last year, and we’ll be fine. But if we fall for chasing that bright, shiny Trump object again, he’ll win. Which was the plan all along.

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