The Council to Reopen America: 6 rich white men and the president's daughter

I feel better already.

Let’s see, we’ve got Mark Meadows, reliable Trump flunky and the new acting White House chief of staff; Ivanka Trump, the pr*sident’s daughter and a noted exploiter of low-wage Chinese labor; Jared Kushner, the know-nothing fopdoodle Trump has entrusted with proving his own raging incompetence; Steve “Mental Munchkin” Mnuchin; Larry Kudlow, a perfect reverse barometer on all questions about the economy and a man who insisted in February that the coronavirus was contained “pretty close to airtight”; tariff-lover Robert Lighthizer; and Wilbur Ross, who reportedly falls asleep during important meetings.

They’re all wealthy and none of them knows squat about epidemiology. That’s just how we roll in this country now.

But don’t worry. I’m sure they all have your best interests at heart. Assuming your last name is either “Dow” or “Jones.”

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