Oh, irony. You had a good run. You even survived a big stretch of the COVID-19 crisis, but you could not survive Jared Kushner: x Jared Kushner says some governors don't know how many ventilators they have & coronavirus outbreak is revealing manager skills. “What a lot of the voters areContinue Reading

Received this e-mail today from former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign: Last week we asked for you to tell us which of Joe Biden’s plans you want to hear more about, and we got thousands of great responses! But our top response, from more than 21,000 of you, wasContinue Reading


Live Blog below COVID Taskforce briefing Livestream (5pm) x If @presssec tries to override the @whca decision, then its members should boycott the briefing and refuse to broadcast it. They can always report later on OAN’s questions about “is ‘Chinese food’ racist?” and whatever infomercial for My Pillow the president wantsContinue Reading

So glad that Donald Trump decided to put all his chips on the table. Unfortunately, he was gambling with other people’s money — and lives. In a CNN story on Trump’s coronavirus-related decision-making (honestly, I’d feel better if we fed llama fart noises into Google Translate, printed the translations onContinue Reading

There’s another great piece from The Huffington Post about how the Trump Administration with the help of U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R. KY) and House Freedom Caucus Leader, Rep. Mark Meadows (R. NC-11), tried to screw Native American Tribes out of getting any sort of emergency relief fundingContinue Reading

according to Worldometers: Country, Other Total Cases New Cases Total Deaths New Deaths Total Recovered Active Cases Serious, Critical Tot Cases/ 1M pop Deaths/ 1M pop World 1,000,177 +64,980 51,356 +4,164 210,199 738,622 37,003 128.3 6.6 USA 235,747 +20,744 5,620 +518 10,324 219,803 5,421 712 17 Italy 115,242 +4,668 13,915Continue Reading

Assholes: A core part of lawmakers’ job is to make sure their constituents have access to government programs that are designed to help them. To that end, many members of Congress are pointing to expanded unemployment benefits they authorized last week as part of a massive coronavirus pandemic response bill,Continue Reading

More than a few folks probably made money because Trump hinted he was “going to do something” yesterday in his presser. Not the first timing, because it’s not really hinky, is it. Or are there suckers not keeping track of an upcoming meeting of Trump with oil CEOs tomorrow. DarnContinue Reading

More examples of governmental incompetence, pairing Trump and a Trumpist governor in Florida. At least there aren’t trains trying to collide with the cruise ships. When Andrea Anderson and her husband boarded the MS Zaandam cruise ship in Buenos Aires, Argentina, more than three weeks ago, they didn't know that their tripContinue Reading


It’s enough to steam your pants. x “He took a gamble and got it wrong.” They know he blew it. Now they will spend eight months lying to America about it. https://t.co/GUsI9owSun — subscribe to my newsletter (@brianbeutler) April 2, 2020 x How Kushner and Hope Hicks are the mainContinue Reading

x Alabama – Ivey (R)Arkansas – Hutchinson (R)Iowa — Reynolds (R)Missouri — Parson (R)Nebraska — Ricketts (R)North Dakota — Burgum (R)Oklahoma — Stitt (R)South Carolina — McMaster (R)South Dakota — Noem (R)Texas — Abbott (R)Utah — Herbert (R)Wyoming — Gordon (R) https://t.co/Uslo2yMvYg— Charlotte Clymer 🏳️‍🌈 (@cmclymer) April 2, 2020 xContinue Reading

Received this e-mail just now from Jill Karofsky’s (D. WI) campaign for the Wisconsin Supreme Court: With just 6 days until the election here in Wisconsin, I am writing today with a reminder that tomorrow (April 2nd) is the last day you are able to request an absentee ballot beContinue Reading

Just going to leave this here: President Trump, having stopped dismissing the threat of the coronavirus and calling criticism of his laggard response “their new hoax,” has begun insisting everybody was shocked. “It’s something that nobody expected,” he has said. Conservative pundits have picked up this revisionist history. “Armchair QuarterbacksContinue Reading


Today Trump tried bait and switch, doing a briefing on the indictments and increased military operations against Venezuela. He used the pretext of a COVID-19 Taskforce to lead with the outlines of a pretext for arresting Maduro as enforcing drug-trafficking indictments.  Apparently Trump still believes he can game the MSM.Continue Reading

I read one thing on IRS.gov that is still in a state of confusion and found even less on VA.gov but I did find this dated today from the Dept. of Treasury. home.treasury.gov/… WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service today announced that Social SecurityContinue Reading