Received this e-mail today from VoteVets in support of Rep. Max Rose’s (D. NY-11) re-election campaign: Today, Afghanistan veteran and freshman congressman Max Rose (D-NY) is shipping out with the National Guard to assist some of the hard-hit cities with their coronavirus response efforts in his state. Leaders lead. When they’re called theyContinue Reading

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear told the story of a revival meeting held in md-March in Hopkins County that infected 28 with the coronavirus and has killed two people. A church revival that took place in mid-March has been linked to at least 28 cases of the novel coronavirus and two deathsContinue Reading

U.S. Senator Cory Gardner (R. CO) just made the case against his own re-election campaign: x YouTube Video Republicans must not only retain the White House this fall, they must also hold the U.S. Senate, says Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO). If they don’t do both, he warns, even if PresidentContinue Reading


Live Blog below WH Press Briefing 5pm ET Trump has extended the range of what counts as having “done a good job” from 100k deaths to a range of 100-200k. x My latest: Like a virus, Trump adapts. He's now shifting his stance to set the stage for claiming 200,000Continue Reading

Because the petition to blame Kansas for the 1918 Spanish Flu did so well. And even better, it’s a communist virus. Like Paul Krassner’s Realist urged in the 1960s: “Fuck Communism”. x “The CCP is the one to blame. History will definitely put it on a fair trial later on.”AnContinue Reading

In the wake of the firing of Fox News business host Trish Regan, who labeled the coronavirus an “impeachment scam,” it reminds me more every day of Republican hypocrisy. From Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes, the finger-pointing and shouts of stop politicizing the COVID-19 virusContinue Reading

Since the Wisconsin Primary is coming up next Tuesday, Marquette University’s latest poll reminds us how much of a role Wisconsin will play in the general election: General election matchups betweenTrump and both Democratic candidates indicate a very close race. In the Marchpoll, Biden receives 48 percent and Trump receivesContinue Reading

The redoubtable Gabriel Sherman has another missive from the Festering Wing of the Blight House, and it’s yet another eye-opener. For starters, blunderkind Jared Kushner was apparently the source of Donald Trump’s late-night raving about New York not needing as many ventilators as Gov. Andrew Cuomo insists they do. Vanity Fair:Continue Reading

Love this: x Why didn't Mitch McConnell and the Republicans use all the time they saved not listening to witnesses to get ready for the coronavirus?#MitchPlease— Middle Age Riot (@middleageriot) March 31, 2020 People on Twitter aren’t buying Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) excuse for President Donald Trump’s haphazardContinue Reading

This is really bad: Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) and her husband, Jeffrey Sprecher, purchased and sold about $1.4 million in stock during the market panic set off by the coronavirus pandemic, the Wall Street Journal reports. Why it matters: Though the couple still lost money, they were able to limitContinue Reading

Howard Stern had Donald Trump on his radio show numerous times before Trump decided to intrude on our lives like a painful rash that won’t go away — and he allowed the future IMPOTUS to embarrass himself over and over again. So Stern knows Trump pretty well, and he also knowsContinue Reading

In early to mid-March, the City of Miami canceled large gatherings such as Calle Ocho, Ultra Music, and Coachella festivals all located in the City of Miami. One event not canceled was the Winter Party Festival, an annual fundraiser that raises millions for various HIV/AIDS causes, and LGBTQ rights. TheContinue Reading

The New York Times has a good piece out that highlights which Senate races are becoming early top targets: In the days when the Democratic presidential field was filled with a couple dozen candidates, a common line in their stump speeches would draw guaranteed applause: “Let’s make Mitch McConnell aContinue Reading


Trumpian incompetence continues with number-rigging, even as actual facts get presented by scientists. In today’s presser, he worked in campaign rally rhetoric including softball answers about his impeachment in order to attack Democrats. x PLEASE STOP TELEVISING THESE CORONA CAMPAIGN RALLIES LIVE. THEY ARE BAD FOR THE PUBLIC HEALTH. — Richard Stengel (@stengel) MarchContinue Reading

Because the General Electric Appliance Park was classified as “life sustaining” by the state of Kentucky, GE was able to force its employees to return to work this Monday after a one week hiatus. GE claims that they have taken every precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at theContinue Reading

Some more good news today: Former Vice President Joe Biden has a 6-point edge over President Trump in a hypothetical general election match-up, according to a Reuters-Ipsos poll released Tuesday. Forty-six percent of registered voters said they would back Biden in November, while 40 percent said they would support Trump.Continue Reading

This is what a real war time President looks like: x YouTube Video Joe Biden describes the coronavirus crisis as a “war” and frontline workers as “soldiers” in a new digital ad that will air in battleground states. “This is a war, and these are our soldiers,” Biden says, speakingContinue Reading

Received this e-mail today from retiring U.S. Senator Tom Udall (D. NM) in support of Rep. Ben Ray Luján’s (D. NM-03) U.S. Senate campaign: I’ll cut to the chase: My friend Ben Ray Luján is running for the Senate, and he’s facing his first critical end-of-quarter fundraising deadline of 2020Continue Reading