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Daily Archives: February 14, 2020

Lady Justice is Blind, not Stupid

Lady Justice has functioned very well—for years, being blind, but now Donald Trump, William Barr, and  Republican officialdom are rendering her mute.  Last night, and for as long as Attorney General Barr does not collapse under the weight of a tweet, he publicly admitted the


Happy Valentines Day—Unless You’re One Of Trump’s Targets

Happy Valentines Day—Unless You’re One Of Trump’s Targets In solidarity, Dan O’Neal and Debra Schrishuhn for Alan, Mike F., Janis, Mike H., Donna, Dr. Bill, Kimberly, and Bryan—your PDA National Team We Believe That Love Is Stronger Than HateTell Congress To Block Trump’s Hateful Wall!

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McCabe Will NOT Be Charged [UPDATE: Vindman Also Won't be Investigated]

WaPo is breaking the news: Justice Dept. won’t charge Andrew McCabe, the former FBI official who authorized the investigation of President Trump The Justice Department will not bring charges against former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe for lying to investigators about a media disclosure, according

The “Everything Terrible Trump Has Done So Far” Omnibus (Week 160)

As part of the ongoing project to catalog every awful thing the Trump Administration has done as a reference for future political arguments and whatever few posterity survives to see 2020, here’s everything awful the Trump Administration has done this week. Sens. Grassley and Johnson