It may be irony, schadenfreude or coincidence but we are crossing paths at the intersection of politics and  Marvel or DC Comics.  We have a blustering Joker as Head of State, Mr. Freeze as his second, and an assortment of Two-faces, Riddlers and a top-hatted Penguin seeking to avoid his well-earned justice.  Speaking of two-faced prosecutors, yesterday Attorney General William Barr forced the hand of four Department of Justice attorneys with one [ Jonathan Kravis] so outraged he resigned completely from the government.  The resignation and protests came over the unprecedented interference, by Barr, in the sentencing recommendations from the four prosecutors, following the conviction of Nixon and Trump confidant, Roger Stone.  

Holy Lincoln, Batman…

What happened to the Republican Party?  Despite any ulterior motives, when slavery was abolished the Republican party either purposely or through expedience erred on the side of morality.  At the zenith of the Civil Rights Movement, the Republican Party found its moral center and voted for the Civil Rights and Voter Rights Acts. Somewhere in the 80s [Ronald Reagan] they began to spin off into another dimension and have decided that the philosophy of Thanos is the way to go.  Thanos, for those unfamiliar, is a Marvel supervillain who believes that by wiping out a significant portion of the population the world will be a better place; sound like anything you’ve heard lately? The coincidence is that to achieve this Thanos needed possession of the Infinity Stones and apparently Mr. Trump is coveting his own Stone, Roger.

In the strange world of Republicans, Susan Collins mimicked the Riddler during the post-Impeachment trial. She might as well had said; ‘riddle me this, has Trump learned his lesson?’ With a maniacal cackle in the distance, the Republican party excused the misuse of the Office of the President by Mr. Trump and he immediately began to answer Senator Collins’ perplexing question.  He fired Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman and his twin brother, Yevgeny, as well as one of his financial campaign benefactors, Ambassador Gordon Sondland with a warning to others, “we’ll see what happens.”  

Senator Lindsey Graham has become the Edward “E” Nigma to the obvious Susan Collins’ alter ego.  Graham who once touted his friendships with both the late Senator John McCain and former VP Joe Biden is deftly quiet when the Joker defames both. Graham who once called Mr. Trump a “kook” is now genuflecting at his feet, to the point of signing on to a sham investigation of Joe Biden, of whom he once called, “as good a man as God ever created.”   

Generally in the 60s tv version of Batman, we were left with a cliffhanger, and told to tune in tomorrow, “same bat time, same bat channel.” Batman would be ensnared in some elaborate and diabolical torture chamber or doomsday device.  The clock would be ticking as fast and as  loud as the hearts of most of the ten-year-olds watching.  Well, I am no longer a ten year old, but the clock is ticking again and if the American people want to be free of the current doomsday device, the November 2020 election is the key to the locked door; or “we can see what happens.”

Vote in 2020 for Change.