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Daily Archives: February 11, 2020

DoJ may reverse itself on Stone sentencing after Trump Tweets

Shocked, Shocked… will sentence leniency compel Trump to do more criming. x #RogerStone Senior DOJ official tells @CBSNews Department was shocked to see sentencing recommendation Stone case. This is not what was briefed to Dept. The Dept. believes recommendation is extreme, excessive, grossly disproportionate to offenses…#DEVELOPING—

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The Trump cult's top lieutenants now have their own uniforms

Hey, at least these bizarre Team Trump unis aren’t tan, because that would be an outrage. Nothing says fiercely independent like advertising Trump-branded merchandise on national television. It would be just slightly more dignified if Lindsey Graham and Mark Meadows tried to rope Brian Kilmeade into

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Mike Bloomberg secret racist tape worse than you think.

While many are shocked by racist words coming out of Mike Bloomberg. I find it rather amusing. Patriarchs and Oligarchs of his ilk share the same prejudices and ignorance. An uninformed Mike Bloomberg likely still believes this. x x YouTube Video So what did this bastion