will Trump promote tactical voting in NH tomorrow

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Why would right-leaning independents cast votes for Democratic candidates, especially moderates.

In what ways will the Trump speech tonight in NH appeal to tactical voting as it resembles other unhinged Trump speeches that have now featured less difference between those made in the WH East room or the SOTU.

“Never Trump” Republicans in New Hampshire have started a campaign encouraging right-leaning independents to vote in Tuesday's Democratic primary and not in the Republican primary.

  • The prominent Never Trump Republican Bill Kristol said the move was meant to avoid a general-election matchup between Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders.
  • Sanders, who represents the neighboring state of Vermont, had support from 26% of New Hampshire independents, the most of any candidate, in a recent poll.

The campaign, as NHJournal reported Sunday, includes calls and text messages to right-leaning independents but does not mention or endorse specific candidates by name. Instead, it encourages the independent voters to cast their ballot in the Democratic race and to support moderate candidates rather than the progressives.


Unlike in some other states, primaries in New Hampshire are open to people who are not associated with a political party. Nonaffiliated voters choose the ballot they would like when they arrive at polling stations.…






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In voting methods, tactical voting (or strategic voting, sophisticated voting or insincere voting) occurs in elections with more than two candidates, when a voter supports another candidate more strongly than their sincere preference in order to prevent an undesirable outcome.[1]

For example, in a simple plurality election, a voter might gain a “better” outcome by voting for a less preferred but more generally popular candidate.

It has been shown by the Gibbard–Satterthwaite theorem that any single-winner ranked voting method which is not dictatorial must be susceptible to tactical voting. However, the type of tactical voting and the extent to which it affects campaigns and election results can vary dramatically from one voting method to another.…