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Daily Archives: February 8, 2020

in 2020, New Hampshire Dems prefer meteor strike over Trump 62% to 38%

Darn meteor sure gets lots of votes. What seems a quadrennial question more appropriate for the Rapture aficionado, Mike Pompeo, the prospect of another Trump victory now becomes even more eschatalogical. The University of Massachusetts-Lowell’s (UMass Lowell) Center for Public Opinion recently conducted a poll that asked

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Trump, Anti-Semitism, and the Apocalypse

This is going to seem a little screwy, but given the age we’re living through, it may fit right in. I am concerned whether some of Trump’s actions are deliberately or unintentionally abetting the desire of his millennialist backers (John Hagee in particular) to see


banksters and gangsters: The Donald's mafia state squanders decency

There’s squandering decency and then there’s squandering democracy. Trump moves the US toward a post-Soviet satellite autocracy, currently in a HR reign of terror against impeachment witnesses. Expect a Senate subpoena for the whistleblower. (Thread) Mafia States Each of Trump's outrageous actions push us one


The Cover-Up is the crime

Man-child wreaks revenge by reassigning WH and NSC personnel in anticipation of the next outrage. Trimming the NSC staff in certain areas will allow for fewer witnesses when, not if, the next bit of Trump criming happens. x Trump has “discussed removing Michael Atkinson, the


Recap: Iowa, Debates, Primaries, and More!

Recap: Iowa, Debates, Primaries, and More! In solidarity,  Mike Hersh for Alan, Mike F., Dan, Janis, Donna, Deb, Dr. Bill, Kimberly, and Bryan—your PDA National Team Prevent War, and Stop Trump’s Hateful, Racist Wall!   During this past week, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) stepped up

soon to be gone: Mick Mulvaney? Get over it.

Subpoenaed witnesses have gotten “fired” / reassigned as Trump continues retaliation. One witness was Mick Mulvaney, who never testified but confessed live on television to his part in what John Bolton called a “drug deal”.  Washington (CNN) With a five-month impeachment saga behind them, White House aides

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Andrew Yang slams hyper-corporate capitalism on opioids’ blood-money

Andrew Yang must be admired for making the connection between hyper-corporate capitalism and the opioid epidemic in ABC's Democratic Debate in New Hampshire. He acknowledges that the blood-money must be recovered from these corporations responsible for infecting and addicting Americans with their poison. Andrew Yang on


Trump must go, regardless of who wins primary debates or elections

The first blush of commentary after the New Hampshire debates looks relatively conventional, even as small movements up and down in polling have occurred. MSM is far too obsessed with the media framing of socialism, despite a Chris Matthews rant about Fidel Castro. Four days