Floridians attention ! If vote by mail..If someone decide signatures do not match..it won't count.

How many people know this?  Well I am here to tell you this needs to be spread.  This was in today’s paper.


Elections supervisor: Update your signature

  • Your signature may change over time.

  • When you complete a mail ballot, your signature is compared to your signature currently on file at the elections office.

  • To ensure your mail ballot is counted, update your signature today by using a voter registration application.  

  • Mail or hand deliver to the Supervisor of Elections office at Post Office Box 1870 Lecanto, FL 34460 or 1550 N. Meadowcrest Blvd., Crystal River, FL 34429.

This does not make sense since the Supervisor of Elections Office is in Inverness….Look at where they want you to send the signature.

I do not like this.  Who decides the signatures match?  Signatures can change in a day.  The bank has not asked me to come in and resign my name.   

This is not normal.  I have lived here for years and never been told to update my signature.

On the 2018 election…Check this out:


In a separate lawsuit filed last month, Walker gave voters extra time to fix their mail-in ballots if they were not counted because their signature on their ballot envelope did not match the one on file with local election officials.

State officials testified in court that nearly 4,000 mailed-in ballots were set aside because local officials decided the signatures on did not match. The Department of State last week informed Walker that his ruling resulted in 637 votes being counted in the final totals.

I smell something bad here.  I am going down to the Supervisor of Elections office in Inverness and ask point blank…who decides that signatures do not match?  I am calling on every voter in Florida to do the same.  Go to your Election Supervisor and ask WHO DECIDES?  They moved.. I just went on the website and have no idea when the Supervisor of Elections moved out of the county seat.