New Cards Against Humanity-style game seeks to roast Trump

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If you like Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples and think Donald Trump is an absurd, unnaturally hued doofus, these Wisconsin guys just might have the game for you.

Described by its creators, Drew Mueske and Adrian Mulloy, as “a mature party game inspired by Donald’s ‘best words,’ his beautiful hair and endless love of red meat,” Trump Roast is in its final stages of development and attracting production funding through a Kickstarter campaign that’s already raised more than $4,000.

Like the immensely popular Cards Against Humanity, Trump Roast uses question and answer cards (dubbed Policy and Position cards) to create humorous responses. For example, a Policy card that asks, “What does Donald Trump have tattooed on his lower back?” could draw response (Position) cards such as “he wrote me beautiful letters,” “drain the swamp,” or “everything is going to be down the tubes.”

And, hey, the game could even bring you and your erstwhile MAGA friends together — if you have such friends and are into that kind of thing:

“When I originally created Trump Roast in late 2016 and early 2017, my lefty views and dark humor shined through,” said Mueske. “However, after taking the game out of the basement, we revamped it to take real politics out of the game. By just focusing on the absurd quotes, there’s no direct political slant to the game. We’ve played with people across the political spectrum and our favorite righty quote is, ‘If you don’t find this game funny, you don’t have a sense of humor.’”

While we’ve all found our own ways to cope with the results of the 2016 election, few of us have gone the party game route. But that’s exactly where Mueske’s mind went.

I came up with this idea in reaction to the 2016 election,” said Mueske. “The election was so ridiculous that the game was my way of memorializing and coping with all of the absurd things that Donald said. I’m not a game designer and I wasn’t looking to start another business when I came up with the idea for Trump Roast.”

While Mueske doesn’t have a formal background in game design — he designed one other game in college but never tried to produce it — he and Mulloy are serious about this endeavor. They’ve play-tested the game more than 100 times to make sure it’s fun enough for prime time.

The Kickstarter runs until February 28, and they hope to have the game ready by July, in time for the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, near the duo’s Oshkosh HQ.

But Mueske believes his game will have a shelf life even after the ocher abomination is shown the door and shoved out to sea on an ice floe back to Mother Russia.

“Trump has leveraged his celebrity status and media attention to become the most newsworthy person in the word,” said Mueske. “When you combine his tremendous narcissism with his insatiable desire for media attention, I don’t see those things changing during his lifetime. I don’t foresee him being quiet like most former presidents.”

Gee, ya think?

Check out the Trump Roast Kickstarter for oodles more info. As the game’s creators say, “If you're into political humor, current events, meat puns, celebrity politicians, saying inappropriate things, or find our political system to be a joke,” you might want to contribute a few shekels.

Full disclosure: I have no vested interest in this game — financial or otherwise — apart from my searing hatred of Donald Trump and an enduring fondness for Wisconsin, the land of cheese (I’m vegan), Trump voters (ugh), and no legal weed (I mean, seriously). But, hey, I was born and raised there. Go Badgers. Go Packers. Go Trump Roast guys.

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