What on God’s green Earth could possibly account for such uncommon unhingery?



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EARHARDT: “Donald Trump says some things and he will go after a reporter. But I have also noticed he doesn’t have that same reaction where Joe Biden gets mad, gets angry and says ‘don’t vote for me then.’ I feel like our president, people can ask him tough questions, but he still answers it and he doesn’t lose his temper.”

So is she smoking the bath salts or injecting them, because I can’t even.

Someone really needs to check the folds of her brain for wasp larvae. I mean, I’m seriously concerned for her well-being. 

Egads, woman. It’s one thing to live in a bubble. It’s quite another to build another bubble inside that bubble, climb in there with a walrus placenta and a bottle of Jägermeister, and resolve to live out the rest of your days in ignorance.

I mean, seriously. Does it really feel this wonderful to be accepted by wealthy idiots? What could possibly motivate these people?


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