Rick Scott wants to be President 2024. Runs Ads in Iowa bashing Biden.

Rick Scott is running ads in Iowa.   I told you all that Rick Scott is going for the whole ball of wax years ago.  I begged dems to move to Florida because we were outnumbered with lunacy down here when people from other states moved from liberal states to Florida.  The nuts moved south because they could not handle progressives.   The natives which are not many are in the minority for Trump.   People from blue states became so uncomfortable in blue areas, they brought their predjudices and bias down south.   I also believe that is why Trump has taken up legal residence in Florida.   

Far rights and crooks registered to vote here and managed to take over.   It was and is, IMO an all out long time plan for the state with those big electoral votes.   Rick Scott is running for President next time.  Why else would he be interested in running ads in Iowa?

Now that ad is rich.  A man who declared the  5th 75 times over Medicare Fraud talking about corruption.  Guess what America…. we are all Florida now.   

Ads needs to go up regarding his Medicare fraud.  In Iowa.

No matter who you want to win Iowa, people need to be attacking Scott for attacking Biden.   Isn’t this crook supposed to be a juror?  


The ad buy by the wealthy and politically ambitious Republican U.S. Senator was not just a volley into the current race, but also further signaled his ambitions for 2024 — when he is up for re-election or free to pursue higher political ambitions.

He clearly wants to be the next Crook in Chief.  He is running for President… No doubt.  Trump now being a legal resident of Florida can help him out and will.  Being a progressive in Florida is like a 90 lb woman pushing a wagon of bricks uphill with right wingers piling more bricks on the wagon while throwing rocks at her.    

We need some liberals to invade Florida.   California and New York if you are listening, please consider snowbirding and move here to save not only Florida but what is left of this country.