Thom Hartmann: Beware of Democratic Super Delegates neutering a progressive popular majority

Thom Hartmann appeared on Politics Done Right with a prescient message to progressives about how Democratic Super Delegates are likely to try to steal 2020 primary away from Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

Thom Hartmann warns about Democratic Super Delegates

Thom Hartmann laid out the problem progressives could face if we had to get to a second ballot at the Democratic Convention if one of the progressive candidates do not get the outright delegate count. And it is the Super Delegate issue of years past. But he lays out the progressive compromise that could mitigate a stolen primary. For this reason, we must not create unnecessary animosity between progressive candidates. Our voters must be ready to converge quickly.

I laid out some harsh realities in a subsequent blog post that some Democrats know in their hearts. Americans are hurting and I hope most don’t buy into the false choices now that the electorate is ripe to do what is right.