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There is a pattern of almost diseased behavior in the Trump White House that has become like a super virus; if this were China it would be surrounded by a corona.  From the beginning it has been denying the obvious: Inauguration crowd sizes: Lie when confronted: I do not know Stormy Daniels: Then when all else fails, defy the clearly apparent with nonsense: Alternate facts.  

Those incidents could be looked upon as nominal and trivial until it reaches a level of life and death.  The recent revelation that 34 United States service members suffered brain injuries, eight serious enough to require hospitalization, is one example. This came after Mr. Trump proclaimed the bombing by Iranian forces, in retaliation for the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, rendered no injuries to U.S. troops, and the few who suffered any consequence were just “headaches.”  

Yesterday we found out that reportedly the former National Security Adviser, John Bolton, was in the room when the President explicitly connected aid to Ukraine with his request for an investigation into his political rival, Joe Biden.  In a New York Times exclusive, recounted by Talking Points Memo, a portion of John Bolton’s manuscript, from his upcoming book, reportedly states, Trump told Bolton last August that he would not release the $391 million in military aid to Ukraine until Ukrainian government officials had given him, in the Times’ words, “all materials they had about the Russia investigation that related to” Biden and Hillary Clinton.  The President is denying Mr. Bolton’s assertion, “I NEVER told John Bolton that the aid to Ukraine was tied to investigations into Democrats, including the Bidens,” Trump tweeted shortly after midnight. The President who has lied repeatedly will claim Executive privilege and the defiance from Republicans will begin when the Senate trial resumes.  The pattern is as clear as argyle socks.  

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This post-Impeachment Senate trial is not about the palpable guilt or innocence of President Trump it is about if the denial, the lies, and the defiance are dismissed by his sycophants and disciples. The desperation has reached a level by those so brainwashed by the President, that one of his spiritual advisors [Paula White] seemingly called for a spiritual abortion of his opponents, “In the name of Jesus, we command all Satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now,” White said in a video of her Jan. 5 sermon posted Friday on Twitter. She continued, “strange winds … sent to hurt the church … sent against our president, sent against myself (sic) … we break it by the superior blood of Jesus right now.”

Besides sounding just plain unhinged it adds a newly pronged horn to the triumvirate of defy, lies, and denials; Hypocrisy.  The Washington Post has tracked at least 16,000 false, untrue, or whatever the thesaurus word of the day for lying is by President Trump. Any goodwill toward giving Mr. Trump the benefit of the doubt when it comes to truth has been exhausted.  The duty of the honest and honorable citizenry left is to pick up the baton, dropped by the Republican party, and run it across the finish line in November.  

Vote in 2020 for Change.