Pew Poll: 51% Want Trump Convicted; 63% Think He Has Committed Crimes……

Pew Research is the second poll this week showing that 51% of Americans want Donald Trump convicted and removed from office. This poll says 46% wants him to remain President. CNN’s poll from a couple of days ago found that by 51% to 45% a small majority of Americans wanted Trump gone.

While the public’s preferences for the outcome of the Senate trial are closely divided, 63% of Americans say Trump has definitely (38%) or probably (25%) done things that are illegal, either during his time in office or while he was running for president. A larger majority (70%) say he has definitely (45%) or probably (26%) done unethical things, according to the new survey, conducted Jan. 6-19 among 12,638 U.S. adults on Pew Research Center’s American Trends Panel.

Even 32% of Republicans think that Trump has probably or definitely done things that are illegal with 91% of Democrats agreeing. Some 47% of Republicans and 90% of Democrats think that he has definitely or probably done things that are unethical. Still 86% of Republicans want him to remain in office and 85% of Democrats want him removed.