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Daily Archives: January 22, 2020

Having said that…

Lest anyone doubt that I am not a defender of legal counsel, for even the most heinous of criminals, that is not the case. I believe everyone deserves the best defense they can buy or are afforded if not our legal system is a sham.

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How Many Bidens Does it Take to Get a Bolton?

New story up from the Washington Post: Senate Democrats privately mull witness trade in impeachment trial: A Biden for Bolton Several Senate Democrats are privately discussing the possibility of calling Republicans’ bluff on witnesses, weighing an unusual trade in President Trump’s impeachment trial: the testimony

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Fox News at its most fair and balanced

Remember the days of consensus reality, before everyone right of Mitt Romney’s dog simultaneously took the brown acid, hurtled headlong through an Einstein-Rosen bridge, and found themselves piled up like cordwood inside Donald Trump’s commodious clown car of a rectum? Back in the day, shit like this