Chuck Todd insults The Intercept & Progressives with backhanded slight.

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Chuck Todd in a backhanded fashion, attempted to challenge the credibility of The Intercept by implying they are a stooge to Senator Bernie Sander's campaign and progressives.

Chuck Todd slights The Intercept 

Notice that Chuck Todd refers to The Intercept as the Sanders campaign's favorite publication. He then attempts to question their journalistic honesty by implying the Sanders campaign influences the tonality of articles in the news outlet.

Philip Rucker would then raise the alarm of the tenuous position the Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren campaign are in because they have a similar base.

Suffice it to say it is much too early to make the argument as to how different bases will split. After all, there are four centrist that share similar bases, Former Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and former mayor Mike Bloomberg. That could be a nastier split as convergence move away from Biden who is likely to falter even as the mainstream media and powers continue to provide a depleting IV drip to keep him undeservedly ahead.

It is all about narrative. We cannot allow them to have us take our eyes off the ball.

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