Republican senator: It's no secret that Trump has been surrounded by grifters

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) appeared on Face the Nation this morning to let the world know that Donald Trump and his campaign have continually been surrounded by grifters and other shady folks. Because at this point, that’s about the best defense you can mount for Donald “Only the Best People” Trump:


MARGARET BRENNAN: And you certainly would have knowledge, since you're on Senate intelligence on that. But given what you're saying are Lev Parnas' ties to Russian oligarchs, which is often shorthand for Russian mafia, doesn't it trouble you that he was working so closely with Rudy Giuliani, who is acting on the president's behalf and saying he was acting on the president's behalf?

SEN. CORNYN: Well, there's no question that there have been a- a series of grifters and other hangers on that have associated themselves with the president's campaign or claimed to have special relationships with the president. But this is not the issue that the Senate's going to be deciding. We'll take the issue of evidence as it comes. If the impeachment managers want to rest their case on the credibility of somebody who's under indictment in the Southern District of New York with extensive ties to Russian oligarchs and organized crime, as you point out, then that's their choice.

Yes, grifters and hangers-on who’ve “claimed” to have had special relationships with Trump — people like his convicted campaign manager, and his convicted longtime personal attorney, and his convicted campaign adviser, and his convicted deputy campaign chair, and his convicted longtime friend and adviser, and his convicted former national security adviser. Which begs the question — how many coffee boys does one person need?

If this is Republicans’ best impeachment defense — i.e., Trump has always been surrounded by rogues and thieves and sketchy hangers-on — they really don’t have much. Except for a Senate stacked with GOP partisans who are determined not to do their jobs, of course. And is Cornyn only referring to Lev Parnas here, or to Rudy Giuliani, too?

Hmm, for some reason I don’t remember Barack Obama being surrounded by grifters. And I don’t remember those grifters working closely with Obama’s personal attorney to illegally dig up dirt on his political opponents and intimidate a U.S. ambassador who stood in the way of their scheme.

But maybe my memory just isn’t that good.

So … best-case scenario for Trump supporters? Their hero attracts grifters and sketchy toadies like flies to shite.

For some reason, I don’t think that will give them pause.

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