AZ-Sen: Indivisible Launches Website To Expose Trump Hack Martha McSally's (R) Record

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Received this e-mail today from the progressive group, Indivisible:

If you’ve been on Twitter in the last few days, you’ve probably seen it: a video of Arizona Republican Senator Martha McSally lashing out at a CNN reporter, calling him a “liberal hack.”

The question wasn’t exactly (read: at all) hack-ish — all CNN correspondent Manu Raju asked was “Senator McSally, should the Senate consider new evidence as part of the impeachment trial?” Pretty reasonable question, if you ask us, given the last few days of news and McSally’s oath to serve as a fair and impartial juror.

Here’s the thing: it’s not surprising that McSally lashed out. She’s a hyper-partisan who votes with Trump and McConnell 95% of the time, and she cares more about doing her donors’ and party leaders’ bidding than representing Arizonans. The last thing she wants is the press reporting on her. Turns out Manu Raju isn’t the hack, Martha McSally is.

That’s why, starting today, we’ve launched and are going to run an ad campaign to make sure Arizonans are plugged into efforts on the ground to defeat her this November. That’s on top of the $60,000 we already budgeted to support our texting program in Arizona and the millions we have budgeted to win nationwide.

Three things you can do right now to replace McSally and every Republican like her in the Senate this November:

  1. Click here to donate $10 to fund all that work and more — or click here to make a monthly donation and commit to supporting this work for the long-haul.  
  2. Buy a t-shirt for yourself or to mail to a friend in Arizona to show McSally what you think of her — then tweet or post on Instagram with #McSallyIsTheHack to get the word out.  
  3. Sign up here to join the IndivisiTexters so you can volunteer right away (you don’t have to be in Arizona!). We’ll email you soon to get you trained!

We’ve known for years that the GOP hates and fears a free press (remember Sarah Palin’s “lamestream media?”). It’s time for us to hold them accountable for their antics and their votes the best way we can: defeating them.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

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Also, let’s keep up the momentum for Mark Kelly’s (D. AZ) U.S. Senate campaign. Click here to donate and get involved with Kelly’s campaign.