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Daily Archives: January 17, 2020

Top 3 Anti-Trump Books of 2020

Below are the most anticipated anti-Trump books of 2020 as of Jan 17th 2020 Donald Trump is unfit in almost every respect for the high office he holds. But what distinguishes him from every other bad leader the U.S. has had is that he has

An Open Letter to Millennials (All the President’s Sins)

During the William J. Clinton Impeachment trial in January of 1999, Republicans were fond of using the phrase, “ a man who would cheat on his wife would cheat on his country.”  Maybe Democrats should revise that derisive phrase; ‘a man who has cheated on

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Medicare For All: It’s about empathy, math, and morality

It is mathematically impossible for private insurance to be less expensive than single-payer Medicare for All. Insurance must pay hundreds of overpaid executives, duplicative services like advertising, rent, computer & database services, and more. They must pay shareholder dividends who are profiting off of your illness

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Okay, this is creepy

It’s nearly weed o’clock out here on the Left Coast, but Gott im Himmel, I had to share this. x thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhank you— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) January 16, 2020 < p class=”is-empty-p”> Uh huh. Suffice to say, Trump’s thank-yous are unlike any you’ll ever encounter.

Vulnerable Republican Senators Unpopular in Their Own States… Morning Consult is out with their rankings of Senators’ approval for the last quarter of 2019 in their home states. A number of Republicans running for re-election might have problems. Susan Collins might really have something to be “concerned” about. Vulnerable GOP Senators Up for Re-election Senator