Democratic Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear Ends War On Women's Right to Choose.

Let’s see.  Socially conservative state-  Kentucky – that supposedly obsesses about abortions. 


Big reason many Kentucky voters said they were voting for loathsome Republican Matt Bevin for governor. 


Said Republican governor tries to shut down last abortion provider in state.


State legislature passes anti-choice laws designed to trigger a SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe V. Wade.


Matt Bevin runs for reelection, and his major campaign plank is banning abortions in Kentucky.


Democrat runs who says he will protect a woman’s right to choose her healthcare.  

Oh that is terrible!  Democrats should be flexible on abortion rights.  Or so many a politically calculating Democrat has been saying and doing for decades.  Looking at men who supported the Hyde Amendment.  Going to be an electoral loser in Kentucky!  We need to throw women under the bus!

Errrrr…You weren’t supposed to hear that last one.

Pro-choice Democrat Andy Beshear defeats Matt Bevin!

And Democratic Governor Andy Beshear ends lawsuit against the lone abortion provider in state AND gives nod for Planned Parenthood to apply for license to perform abortions.

What is the world coming to?