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Daily Archives: January 15, 2020

Mr. President meet the King You will Never Be

We are in the midst of investigations that may eventually lead to the ouster of a criminal President; one responsible for possible physical threats, to not only the country of Ukraine but to an American citizen, Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.  Mr. Trump has blatantly disregarded

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The Dam Has Broken

Marcus Vindictus: The jig is up!   Josephus: And GONE!   History of the World Part I I’ve been waiting for this moment. I knew it had to come, there wasn’t any other available option. Y’all know me, and I’m not shy about putting my

You Give Me Yovanovitch and I'll Give You Biden

This story’s been up for over 3 hours now; I’m surprised no one has picked up on it: Ukraine prosecutor offered information related to Biden in exchange for ambassador’s ouster, newly released materials show That would be the crooked Ukraine prosecutor, Yuri Lutsenko, who lost

Did Elizabeth Warren 'dis' Bernie Sanders' handshake

After the debate ended it seemed as if Bernie Sanders extended his hand to shake Elizabeth Warren’s hand. It seemed as if she drew it back. I found this Democratic Debate completely uninteresting. There was no real news other than Elizabeth Warren now unable to utter the word Medicare

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Democratic Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear Ends War On Women's Right to Choose.

Let’s see.  Socially conservative state-  Kentucky – that supposedly obsesses about abortions.  Check.  Big reason many Kentucky voters said they were voting for loathsome Republican Matt Bevin for governor.  Check. Said Republican governor tries to shut down last abortion provider in state. Check.  State legislature passes