George McGovern was a liberal, Keanu Reeves is Neo

Historical context is even more important in the age of Trumpism, since the media frames for numerous ideological categories persist for some voters, as if the Trumpist sobriquets of “commies” or “socialists” actually cohered as historically accurate categories when applied to Democrats.

I came across the above online test diagram again (which doesn’t seem to be clickbait YMMV) but while it resembles others, it claims it’s “definitive”. It isn’t, because on this site folks think “neoliberal” is an insult; it isn’t. And I haven’t a clue about what makes an Ultra-Anarchist different from an Anarchist, and Fundamentalism is not the diametrical opposite of Communism, etc.

To paraphrase Marshawn Lynch, I’m just trying to be Dem-positive (so I don’t get fined).

Some better examples of political tests for ideological identity are found at the Political Spectrum and the Political Compass. 

Here are the tweets that got me to this diary, because George McGovern probably never thought of himself as a neoliberal, and we think of Keanu Reeves in a variety of historical contexts (see Bill and Ted’s excellent adventures)



— Paul Krugman's IT Guy (@lib_crusher) January 12, 2020


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