Bait & Switch: Bolton could get subpoenaed, then the Senate gets hit with Executive Privilege

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It is looking like there only “might” be witnesses in the Trump impeachment trial as it looks like the Articles will get transferred to the Senate next week. Then Trump, in a shell game, will invoke executive privilege as John Bolton complies with a Senate subpoena.

As many journalists have hoped, we may have reached the moment when Donald Trump finally became “presidential”, namely in invoking executive privilege to prevent John Bolton from testifying. Because bupkis as promised by Moscow Mitch. 

Then a procedural move will occur, and a rigged vote will move forward with Trump acquitted while spiking the ball in the SOTU.

Because only an innocent person would prevent an exculpatory witness from testifying.

Just as Politico asks, What else will happen between now and November that will make impeachment seem like ancient history?” Darn that cover-up.

But Trump himself said on Friday in an interview with Fox News that he would likely invoke executive privilege if Bolton were subpoenaed. Trump said he was keeping an eye on the historical implications of allowing Bolton to testify and that, for the sake of future presidents and their ability to have confidential discussions with advisers, he'd invoke privilege on Bolton.
“I think you have to for the sake of the office,” the President said in the interview.
In a news conference on Thursday, Trump made a similar statement when he asserted that he “would have no problem” with Bolton testifying if not for “presidential privilege.”
“I always got along with him, he didn't really get along with some of our people, but that's really going to be up to the Senate,” Trump said.
He added, “I would have no problem, other than we have to protect … people can't go up and say whatever my thoughts are. … We don't want that to be out, so we have to protect presidential privilege.”


— Stephanie Kennedy (@WordswithSteph) January 10, 2020

And yet it can all end with not having 4 GOP senators with spines



— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) January 11, 2020


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