Republican congressman tweets out fake photo of Obama and Iranian president

Let us count the ways in which this tweet — from Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Arizona) — is bullshit.

Oh, never mind. Journalist Judd Legum already did it for me:

Okay, I can add a few things to Legum’s trenchant analysis.

1.This is a photoshopped image based on an actual picture Obama took with former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

  1. When “that guy” was still in power, we weren’t on the brink of a pointless, ruinous war with Iran. In fact, we’d taken significant steps toward rapprochement.
  2. The Republican Party has apparently taken its cue from Trump and is now all-in on lies, conspiracy theories, and easily debunked memes. Their base is all-in, too, so no one punishes them.
  3. That said, we can punish them — thoroughly — in November, for this and hundreds of other lies and outrages.
  4. Shouldn’t there be repercussions when a congressman, FFS, tweets out false propaganda from his official Twitter account? Then again, if Trump can do it, why not a mewling little baby Trump?

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