NYT reporter: Evidence of imminent attack involving Suleimani was 'razor thin'

The Raging War Boner Party is at it again. They just can’t stop getting us involved in Middle Eastern wars based on false pretenses, the little rascals.

For the past three years we’ve had to deal with numerous nauseating Golf of Ton-King incidents, but now we’re back to the banal, garden-variety Gulf of Tonkin bullshit.

Because — surprise! — the casus belli for our latest military adventure was apparently (hie to thine fainting couch, anon!) a lie.

This insightful analysis from Rukmini Callimachi, a New York Times correspondent who covers ISIS and Al Qaeda, should give you pause — if, for some crazy reason, you weren’t already up to your ears in pauses:

In other words, more bullshit from the war party.

This kind of garbage would be shocking if it weren’t so mundane. It’s the same old script: Elect a Republican president, get more inequality, more war, more lies, and eventually a sputtering economy.

When the fuck will we ever learn?

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