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2020 Loser Trump's now closer to becoming an OANNanist.

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Regular Trump golf partner Chris Ruddy disclaims any NewsMax takeover by Trump who was only offered a weekly spot among the documentaries of “Hitler’s rise” programming.

Trump seems now more interested in doing a deal with OANN, considering how often he recommends them.

For some time now, and particularly since his election loss, the romance between Donald Trump and Fox News has appeared to be souring. The president has depicted Fox News’s actions on election night, and in the days since, as unforgivable acts of betrayal – and is now urging his supporters to turn to One America News Network (OANN), a far-right media outlet .

On Sunday, annoyed by the appearance of former Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg on Fox News, Trump tweeted: “This is why @FoxNews daytime and weekend daytime have lost their ratings… Many great alternatives are forming & exist. Try @OANN & @newsmax, among others!”

That tweet came after another outburst on Saturday – in which Trump claimed that the Fox had downplayed the size of Million Maga March protests – and another on Thursday, which he followed up with a volley of retweets demanding that conservatives make the switch to more reliable vectors of pro-Trump broadcasting.

Considering Trump’s considerable gifts as a salesman, OANN is set to hugely benefit from his push. But what do we know about them, and how has the network attracted the president’s favor?

OANN was founded in 2013 in San Diego, California. It is owned by Herring Broadcasting, a family company founded by rightwing businessman Robert Herring, and is led by his son, Charles Herring.


The network has also ceaselessly spread disinformation about the Covid-19 pandemic. In March 2019, OANN White House correspondent Chanel Rion fronted a special broadcast in which she asserted that the virus had been deliberately synthesized as a bioweapon in a North Carolina laboratory. She relied on a source whom she called a “monitored source amongst a certain set in the DC intelligence community”, but whose public profile mainly consists promulgating wild conspiracy theories on social media.

The next month, Rion and other OANN staff were bounced from the White House Correspondents Association; she lost her seat in briefings after she refused to follow social distancing guidelines.

By May, Kristian Rouz – who was then working for OANN and the Kremlin-owned Sputnik radio news service – ran a package on the network asserting a wholly different conspiracy theory: that the virus was being employed in a “globalist conspiracy” involving George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and the Chinese Communist party to institute global population control.…

Newsmax’s CEO Chris Ruddy pushed back on assertions that President Trump could seek to take over the network as a pro-Trump alternative to Fox News during an interview with Variety.
Ruddy said he was open to the president hosting a show on the network, but rejected the idea of a presidential takeover. Ruddy said in the interview that his staffers have “always seen ourselves as an independent news agency, and we want to continue with that mission.”
“Newsmax would never become ‘Trump TV,’ ” he continued, adding: “But we are open — [Trump] is going to be a political and media force after he leaves the White House, and we would be open to talking to him about a weekly show.”…


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