Biden floats the idea of picking a Republican running mate

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CBS News’s Bo Erickson is reporting that Joe Biden, one of over a dozen candidates seeking our party’s nomination, is open to the idea of picking a Republican to be his vice-presidential nominee if he were to win the Democratic presidential nomination:

While the concept of a unity ticket has been floated at various times over the years, mostly by members of the political pundit class, the only segment of the American populace who is clamoring for a unity ticket is corporate media talking heads. The Republican Party’s base is supporting Donald Trump, no matter what, and the general election is invariably going to be a referendum on Trump, as he’s the incumbent President. We’re not going to win over voters who are completely fine with voting for someone with fascist tendencies, no matter what anyone in our party could do to appease that segment of the electorate. The whole reason the far-right got control of the GOP in the first place is because John McCain floated the idea of a unity ticket with Joe Lieberman in 2008, which angered far-right activists and forced McCain to abandon the idea of a unity ticket.

We, as Democrats can nominate a Democrat for President, nominate a Democrat for Vice President, defeat Donald Trump, and get progressive things done. We don’t need to nominate a Republican for anything to defeat Trump.