CO-Sen: Sen. Tim Kaine (D. VA) Helps John Hickenlooper (D) Get Ready To Defeat Cory Gardner (R)


Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Tim Kaine (D. VA) in support of John Hickenlooper’s (D. CO) U.S. Senate campaign:

John Hickenlooper (D. CO)


My friend John Hickenlooper is an innovator and a problem solver. As a small business owner, former Mayor of Denver, and two-term Governor of Colorado, he’s dedicated his career to improving the lives of his fellow Coloradans — and that’s exactly why we need him in the United States Senate.

I’ll be honest, team. The National Republican Senatorial Committee is counting on holding onto this seat. They’ve got an extensive donor network, and they’re not afraid to use it. So getting John to the Senate is going to be an uphill battle. But they’re underestimating him if they think he won’t give it all he’s got!

The end of the year is a really important time for campaign fundraising. The donations that John gets before closing out this quarter will help him build up the infrastructure he needs to talk to Colorado voters next year. If you can, please make a contribution to John’s campaign today.

Friend, the Senate ought to be a place where we get things done for the American people. But for way too long now, the GOP has been wholly dedicated to killing off legislation in the upper chamber that would help us tackle some of our biggest problems. In comparison, John is a practical businessman who has focused on getting things done to make life better for folks in his state.

And you know what? He’s got a pretty great track record. As Mayor of Denver, he brought a light rail system to the city to improve the quality of life and totally eliminated the city’s budget deficit. As Governor of Colorado, he signed Medicaid expansion into law and took Colorado from 40th in job growth to the number one economy in the country.

I’m so glad Hick is stepping up to run for Senate and help Democrats take back the majority. I want to bring his determination and problem-solving attitude to the halls of the Capitol to work by my side. Will you help? Chip in whatever you can today.

Thank you so much,

Tim Kaine

Click here to donate to Hickenlooper’s campaign.