Biden’s Fatal Mistake? Krystal Ball dings pundit on working-class allegiance.

The Hill's Rising is a great complement to the traditional “progressive” corporate media. Krystal Ball & Saagar Enjeti do not fear, embracing all that is right with progressives.

Recently Joe Biden made a Hillary-type working-class-worker slip in the last Democratic Debate that could be fatal if he made it to the general election. When asked if he would sign the Green New Deal even if it cost jobs, he gave an unqualified yes. The answer should have been much more nuanced. Yes, many current jobs like coal mining will disappear. But these jobs will be replaced with safer, more rewarding, higher-paying jobs. Biden should have reformulated the question from one where the Green New Deal would lose jobs to where many more new ones would get created for all.

Krystal Ball did not allow an uncorrected fallacy to remain

One of the pundits used Joe Biden's faux pas as a segue to slam Democrats. She said that many of the working class was starting to view the Democratic Party as the party for the rich. Really? Of course, that could not be further from the truth.

Krystal Ball did not allow that fallacy to remain in the ethos for too long. She allowed the pundit to continue making her case. In a very civil and respectful manner, she pointed out the reality.

First off the working-class is largely people of color. And that section of the working class is decidedly strongly Democratic. The working-class fissure occurs with the white working-class who have succumbed to a mischaracterization of what has caused their decline. Too many of them are allying themselves with the same people who are destroying or have destroyed their way of life and standard of living. In other words, the genesis of their dire straits was not the immigrant, people of color, or progressives. It is the politicians on the right they continue to vote for election cycle after election cycle.

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