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Daily Archives: December 24, 2019

The Night Before Trumpmas

T’was the night before Trumpmas, and down in Palm Beach An old fashioned holiday seemed out of reach The guests all stood silent, not touching the food As their host stormed around in a terrible mood He ranted and raged and he made quite a


$118 million and counting, Trump went golfing again today

Commander-in-Chief claimed he was working, then went golfing. There will be media distractions with an impending DPRK missile launch, but we are reminded that the funny business with the Three Amigos was more about fossil fuel than the media framing of a “perfect call”. x Asked


if Mike Bloomberg is using prison labor, what do other campaigns do

Probably the perfect example of the abuse of free-market capitalism: to use prison labor below minimum wage in general, but even more perfect exploitation to have such labor do boiler room work in call centers for political campaigns. Easy to imagine what GOP subcontractors do in

Krugman: GOP Worse than Scrooge

 A couple of weeks ago, I had a diary up here: We're Being Ruled by Sadists. Now, I can’t claim that Paul Krugman reads my diaries, much less is inspired by them, but he said pretty much the same thing in his column this morning: