Confrontation with Right-Wing caller on Trump's impeachment.

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A caller to Politics Done Right was ready for a fight attempting to use Biden's son's use of nepotism for a lucrative job as justification against Trump's impeachment. This approach neutralized his position.

Right-Wing caller schooled on impeachment & constitution

Watch the entire episode here.

The caller started by admonishing me and Democrats for impeaching Trump on both articles. It is clear that the Fox News and Right-Wing radio talking points have been effective. It is clear that they have people who know how to design arguments with just enough semblance of truth for their followers to grab on to easily.

The caller made the claim that Biden's son worked for a corrupt company and his inflated salary, even having no experience for which he was paid, was somehow dubious. He was surprised that I agreed with him solely on the point that nepotism got Biden's son the job and that in my humble opinion, in these times, that is enough to be disqualifying for Biden. But the same should be disqualifying for Trump given his kids' nepotism.

I am in constant awe that we, Democrats, do not see the hypocrisy. That said because I expect that we could put up just about any candidate and win, I do not think Biden will cause us to lose the 2020 presidency. What he will do is drop the enthusiasm from the portion of our base that does not vote but would have voted in 2020 for a candidate with policies that make a material difference in their lives. Biden-like candidates will prevent Democrats from taking over more statehouses, the Senate, and expansion in the House. In other words, they are a menace to proper redistricting which would make for fairer elections.

The caller did not seem to understand that the Congress has the right to impeach the President virtually as it sees fit. Moreover, the Supreme Court, whether it validates presidential obstruction or not has no power to stop the House of Representatives from impeaching and the Senate from convicting and removing the president.

The entire video is well worth the watch/listen. It shows that a civil discussion can yield results and that capitulation is not necessary on either part. The discussion is not solely for the protagonists, but all those who will listen via podcasts or watch on YouTube.

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