I should stress the possible — it is total speculation on the part of Kentucky Democrats — good political news from Kentucky, but there is “the pouring liquid nitrogen on my groin type” of news as well.

Let’s get to the good news.  And it’s good news but based on something truly horrific:  Matt Bevin’s pardon scandal.  First up, at least one county prosecutor has opened an official investigation into Matt Bevin’s pardon of a convicted child rapist.

Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders has launched his own investigation into former Gov. Matt Bevin's controversial pardon of a convicted child rapist from an influential family.

It is the first official investigation announced into Bevin's recent pardons, which have drawn stinging criticism from Democrats and Republicans.

After a two-week trial, a judge sentenced Micah Culver Schoettle on Aug. 9, 2018, to 23 years in prison for rape, sodomy and other sexual crimes, but Schoettle walked out of prison last week after serving a little more than a year.

The victim told police, and later a jury, she was 9 to 12 years old during the abuse.

“It's mind-boggling how any governor could be this irresponsible,” said Sanders, who personally led the prosecution.

“I was somebody who supported him and believed in him, and I am disgusted at myself for having done so.”

So Sanders definitely sounds like a Republican to me.  According to Sanders, Bevin could not have looked at the case file on Schoettle because the case was in the State Supreme Court.  Also, Bevin never talked to Sanders, the victim, or her parents.  Bevin didn’t even talk to Schoettle’s defense attorney.  

Either Bevin was paid off again for a pardon, or worse, he is one of those Republicans who loves child rapists.

Given Bevin’s growing pardon scandal, state Democrats are going to use this issue against all those Republicans in the legislature and others who supported Bevin.

Gov. Andy Beshear couldn't resist reminding Kentuckians that he's not former Gov. Matt Bevin, as headlines of last-minute pardons for convicted child molesters and murderers pile up.

“You will not see these types of actions out of me,” Beshear said at a press conference this week, which was about stopping Bevin's Medicaid work rule. “What you will also get is an explanation behind any of the pardons we ultimately give. There needs to be transparency in this process.”

Democrats were always planning to keep “mad Matt” alive in 2020, as one party official who advises U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth told me. They are jubilant over Bevin's early Christmas gift, which helped voters remember why he was the most unpopular governor in the country.

Next year's state legislative races will be about reminding rural Kentuckians how their same county judge executives, prosecutors, representatives and senators condemning these pardons and commutations now, backed Bevin's reelection…

Democrats already have a digital picture file of vulnerable Republicans in the suburbs and exurbs yucking it up with Bevin, whose Kentucky popularity is between painkiller pusher Purdue Pharma and Duke basketball…

“Eventually this will become about a Republican branding problem,” said McNee, the Democratic spokeswoman. “That's the risk for them. Bevin is still hanging around and causing problems.”

GOP leaders convened for a regularly scheduled executive committee meeting on Dec. 14. The rumor was they talked about Bevin and their hopes that he goes away for good.

Emboldened is mine.

Good political news for Democrats, but it is all based upon the evil deeds of Matt Bevin.

Now for some bad news…

Supposed Democratic front runner for the U.S. Senate nomination — Amy McGrath — came out with a statement and and a fundraising email on Trump’s impeachment.  For those not famiiar with Amy McGrath’s political strategy, she is trying to avoid mentioning or criticizing Trump.  McGrath believes she can lay all the blame for our current political problems at Moscow Mitch’s feet.  But McGrath had to respond to the impeachment news:

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Amy McGrath has come out in support of the House of Representatives impeaching President Donald Trump in a fundraising email sent Thursday.

In a message to supporters, McGrath, who is trying to unseat Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2020, noted how she called for an impeachment inquiry months ago.

McGrath, a retired Marine fighter pilot, said given the “grave national security implications” of the charges against Trump, the testimony during the House investigation should be troubling to all.

“Americans demand to know all of the facts, and I believe they deserve as much,” McGrath said in the fundraising email. “Unfortunately, the administration refused to answer these critical questions, and last night, the House rightly passed articles of impeachment for trial in the Senate.”

So what is wrong with that Merlin?  Jeez, you are a downer on Amy McGrath!  Give it a rest!

The words in the McGrath email sent to supporters across the country — titled “Mitch, the nation is watching what you do” — were clearer than a statement campaign she sent out Wednesday evening, moments after Trump became just the third president to be impeached in the country's history.

McGrath said in the campaign statement sent to reporters Wednesday that the inquiry into Trump was warranted. But she bypassed saying whether she agreed with the Democratic-controlled House's action, which was almost entirely along party lines.

Instead, she focused her wrath on McConnell, who is in charge of the upper chamber where the trial to remove the president will be held.

“Voters are fed up with politicians like Sen. McConnell who show themselves vacant of any moral compass or patriotic courage, and whose public statements are guided by just one metric — which team you are on,” McGrath said in Wednesday's campaign statement.

Political observers notice that McGrath never addressed whether she supported the House vote.

Emboldened is my doing.

This is typical of McGrath.  Say something initially, then has to rethink things and add or fix what was said the first time (remember, she would have voted for Kavanaugh if she had been in the Senate, but McGrath changed her mind in the same day after getting flack). And her defenders might be right that McGrath needs to avoid going after Trump.  This is the truly depressing news:

The Mason-Dixon poll released in October found 65% of Kentuckians opposed impeaching and removing Trump from office, compared with 29% in support.

Republicans almost universally oppose such action, according to the poll, with 89% against and only 4% in favor. Even among the state's Democrats, who are more conservative than their national counterparts, 49% support impeaching and removing Trump while 46% oppose.

The dueling banjo scene from Deliverance was flashing through my head when I read that tidbit.

Before any of you give me shit about the hillbilly trope, I was born and raised in Kentucky.  And I live here.  My relatives who are avid Trump supportes live in a rural Meade County.   I think I can legitimately throw some stones at the political stupidity of Kentuckians.