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Daily Archives: December 14, 2019


did Trump violate the Hatch Act (yet again)

Was wearing campaign gear appropriate to the #ArmyNavyGame. Trump could have skirted actions applicable to his staff by sticking with his campaign’s “USA” caps. However, he went full MAGA/KAG this time, rather than wearing a Commander-in-Chief / POTUS cap usually worn by his predecessors. Will at least one

Trump violates the Hatch Act yet again

Trump could have skirted this, as he has before with his campaign’s “USA” caps, but he went full DBAD this time. x Literally anyone who’s worked in campaigns or government offices knows not to mix campaign with official or vice versa.— Max Barrile (@Barrile_Max) December


Weekly Recap: Impeachment! Get Involved in Nation-Wide Rallies!

Archives In solidarity,  Mike Hersh for Alan, Mike F., Deb, Janis, Kimberly, Bryan, Dr. Bill, Donna, and Dan—Your PDA National Team Progressive Democrats of America Supports Impeachmentand Conviction of Donald Trump for High Crimes in OfficeClick Here to Email Mike Fox and Rally for Accountability