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Daily Archives: December 13, 2019


“Don’t Talk About It!”

Archives (left: graphics, right: photo Enver Rahmanov • CC BY-SA 3.0) In solidarity,  Mike H. for Alan, Mike F., Dan, Janis, Deb, Dr. Bill, Kimberly, and Bryan—your PDA national team. Tell The DNC And The News Networks:We Need Debate Questions About Poverty   Don’t

The Okie Doke

If you look up the slang term Okie Doke, the definition reads in part, “to buy something you aren't selling.”  In the longer than necessary marathon markup hearing for the articles of impeachment accusing President Donald Trump of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, Chair

We're Being Ruled by Sadists

Ever since he showed up on the national stage, Trump has been called — with good reason — a narcissist, a megalomaniac, a disordered personality. But he is also a sadist, and he leads a sadistic base. This point has been raised before on this

Tacloban, the Philippines, in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan

We always knew they would be first.

The horrors of climate change are unfolding around the world with smothering heatwaves, agricultural losses from flooding, and drought — higher storm surge along with powerful and deadly cyclonic windstorms armed with heavy rainfall and wildfire. The United States and other developed nations experience every

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Some Good News Out of Kentucky.

Between the SCOTUS decision to let stand Kentucky’s anti-abortion law and former Governor Matt Bevin’s middle finger to the justice system (see Meteor Blades’ diary on Bevin’s corrupt pardonfest), I wanted to let you all know about some good political news out of Kentucky. Democratic

“It's nothing short of a disgrace!” Labour loses in the UK

A cautionary tale for US Democrats if only because of negative media framing of Jeremy Corbyn. Labour’s worst defeat since the 1930s. Disinformation, racism, Islamophobia, and fascist rhetoric — aided and amplified by the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook — just swung another election.

Trump trial balloons excuses for not doing any debates in 2020

There are certainly enough opinions about Trump’s ability and willingness to debate, but there’s the opening complaints about moderators, formats, sponsors before even discussing his fears. President Trump is discussing with his advisers the possibility of sitting out the general election debates in 2020 because