The Most Beautiful Words

Some phrases evoke strong emotions and bring joy to life:


I  love you.

A check arrived in the mail for you, darling.

Bring the wine to the bedroom.


There’s nothing wrong with the transmission, I just tightened a clamp, no charge.

Look, otters!

The Yankees lost again this evening.

And then there’s my current favorite phrase:

“We found nothing new.”

After two days of scans at the Cancer Center, those are the words you want to hear. 

Well, I’m pushing on 70, so there’s always some “metabolic activity” throwing shade on the bone scans.  At my age arthritis causes most of the dark spots showing up on the bone scan, but we know there’s still some prostate cancer lurking in my innards.

I been through hormone treatment, and still take them, and I been through chemo.  Now my bone scan doesn’t have 1% of the dark areas shown in the examples above. 

They found nothing new, and some of the old stuff is shrinking. I’m already two years to the good.

Dang, I’m glad I’m living long enough to see Trump impeached, and Manafort doing time. And thanks, FDR, for Social Security.

I hope to hear some other beautiful words soon:

“CNN is calling this race against Trump, now that he lost Texas.”