Sorry Colorado Kossacks, you’ll be seeing a lot of him next year:


President Donald Trump has committed to being in Colorado “a lot” during a White House event Thursday.

“We will be in Colorado a lot actually,” Trump said at a paid family leave event.

“We have a great Senator in Colorado, we have to get him extended, I’ll be there a lot,” Trump said about Senator Cory Gardner.

Trump’s praise of Gardner is helpful for Gardner’s reelection support among Trump supporters in the State. The President is above 90 percent support among the Republican base in Colorado.

The praise is also a blessing for Democrats in Colorado — who plan on connecting Gardner to Trump in an effort to defeat him.

But hey, if Trump wants to help us sink Cory Gardner’s chance, that’s totally fine with us. In the mean time, let’s make sure Colorado Democrats are ready to go. Here are the top two candidates I recommend you donate and get involved with their campaigns:

John Hickelooper

Andrew Romanoff