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Daily Archives: December 11, 2019

Donald Trump's War on Hannukkah

White House RWNJ messaging chaos continues. Trump honors pastor who said Jews are doomed to hell at Hannukah event Trump invited right-wing Pastor Robert Jeffress to the White House Hanukkah event on Wednesday despite Jeffress' history of bigoted remarks against multiple faith groups, including Jews.

Kavanaugh Karnival returns as #LeningradLindsey and GOP whine about process

It’s more telling that Lindsey Graham actually believed the “Golden Showers” report in his first reading of the Steele Dossier, that the Russians had something on Trump. It’s still a process complaint, but the facts are still there, despite GOP hand-waving or table-pounding. Today’s Senate Judiciary


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Yes, I said it…

Attorney General William Barr is either incompetent, stupid or lying, take your pick. Yesterday in an interview, following the release of the Inspector General’s report absolving the FBI of working in concert to keep Donald Trump from the presidency, Barr responded with the words, “I

The American Conservative Calls for Impeachment

We spend a lot of time calling out conservatives for bowing and scraping to the Corruptor-in-Chief, so it seems only fair to acknowledge when some of them got off their knees and speak the truth. Today The American Conservative said The Case for Impeachment is