Why do I feel like I am being gaslighted (even by some on DKOS) on Elizabeth Warren's chances?

So I keep reading that Elizabeth Warren is going through a terrible drop. Maybe something she can’t recover from. To the point where even I was beginning to believe some of it (I am a Warren supporter and fan). Then I read this article from fivethirtyeight. She is essentially tied with Buttigeig (who has yet to go through any vetting) in Iowa and New Hampshire, second in Nevada (way down in South Carolina). This after going through sustained attack by other candidates, media and billionaires for more than a month. She also seems to be holding back her resources for a big January push.  My perception is she dropped back in to perfect poll position. My reading of history is that it is never good to be a front runner in December. I am not sure why. I think it is important to exceed expectations. But Warren is not in bad position by any stretch of the imagination. She has been resilient as hell.

There is another question. Why have only the female candidates gone through sustained attacks? I don’t care the mistakes Harris has made, they are far less than Biden’s mistakes. There is no reason she should be out of the race at this point. She went through sustained attacks after confronting Biden on busing and did not recover. Now there are the bizarre, grab on to anything attacks on Warren. I am sure if Klobucher makes a move there will be attacks on her. Is it get the women out of the way early? Buttigeig has been a media darling so far. Biden would be crucified for the mistakes he has made if he was a woman. Bernie is being left alone. Even Bloomberg is getting to run a shadow campaign. I mean there should be a whole lot more scrutiny of somebody pouring in money don’t you think.

But really, Warren has been amazingly resilient, and yet she is not being portrayed that way. Why?