No, Joe: One party is pro-America, the other is pro-Russia, and we don't need both

Former Vice President Joe Biden voiced a unique concern about the 2020 election results at a campaign event in Iowa on Friday. The presidential hopeful stated that “he's concerned about what would happen if the Republican Party were totally “clobbered,” BuzzFeed News reports, adding that he’s “really worried that no party should have too much power,” and that “a countervailing force” is needed.  

I get what what he was trying to say, but I think he’s 100% wrong.

Once again, Biden is showing me that he is not the one we need right now. First of all, given the lopsided representation the GOP has through systematic voter suppression, over-weighted rural representation, election rigging, and gerrymandering, there is little chance that Republicans will ever be under-represented. The GOP has too much power, not too little. Lamenting a well-deserved potential loss isn’t something any Democratic candidate should be doing.

Furthermore, Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell don’t have any concerns at all about annihilating the Democratic party. They have shown they are willing to ignore the needs of entire blue states and territories, make legislation that only benefits their base, and cram unqualified judges/Justices down our throats.  This new judiciary not only doesn’t represent large swaths of America, but actually seeks to suppress them. 

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Trump’s GOP isn’t just trying to defeat us, but destroy us. We desperately need someone who can rise up to fight that level of evil, and so far, at least, I’m not seeing it.  As Bill Maher once stated, the Democrats don’t even bring a knife to a gun fight, they bring a covered dish.