Rahm Emmanuel decimated GOP Trump-Hate impeachment talking point.

Former President Obama Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, snuffs out Republican talking points about Trump hate being responsible for Trump’s impeachment. He did not lose his cool as he listened to the misinformation.

Republican strategist Alice Stewart attempted to give Trump’s impeachment a Trump-hate narrative. Emanuel systematically deconstructed the trope.

Impeachment Trump-hate trope snuffed

“What we have is this impeachment process has been driven in large part due to the Democrats’ hatred of Donald Trump,” Republican strategist Alice Stewart said. “And it lowers the standard for impeachment is a very different …”

Emanuel would have none of that.

“First of all, you can have my time back. Name me five presidents that asked a foreign government to come in here and basically do op research on a political rival,” Emanuel challenged. “Name five, name all five. It’s never happened.”

Of course, Stewart could not.

“You’re inviting a foreign power and it goes to the very words of the three constitutional lawyers and the 500 who signed the letter, who has outlined the fact that you’ve set up an establishment where a president of the United States inverses two things here,” Emanuel continued. “One, he has said that a foreign power can get themselves involved in the American election. He said it in China, he said it about Russia and he said it about Ukraine. The second thing that I think is really crazy here. He’s saying, my personal lawyer could testify, but the secretary of state, who’s a confirmed position, the attorney general, who is a confirmed position, the secretary of energy, who is a confirmed position, cannot testify.”

Stewart attempted to come back with a plausible narrative. She failed miserably.

“Three key points on that,” Stewart responded. “In this phone call, the July 25 phone call, Zelensky, and Trump both have said they didn’t feel any pressure there. Zelensky himself did not know that aid was being withheld. And third and most important point, the aid was released without condition. So that is a key component… “

Emanuel was ready to reply to the silly defense.

“The aid was released because the story got broke,” Emanuel pointed out. “Not just because the president had a change of heart. “

That is all he needed to say. Of course, he could have stated it more graphically. The President got caught.

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